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Welcome to the public Alpha for SqueakSource3, the smart Monticello code-repository for GemStone, Pharo and Squeak

Important Announcement (September 7, 2011):

    The contents of this repository WILL survive beyond the lifetime of the public Alpha.

    From this point onward, all packages stored in the repository will be preserved.

    As of today, the site is backed up on a daily basis.

To get started register your personal account and create any number of projects to host on our server. You'll immediately get all the necessary permissions to create and manage your account, projects and versions. Detailed instructions can be found on the Help page.

Please report issues and feature requests to the SqueakSource3 project. For general questions or comments about SqueakSource3, send mail to one of the following groups:



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Simple static/dynamic analyzer for Pharo, Segovia Leonardo Tps, CP1251TextConverter, NilE - Protected arithmetic, ...
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